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    • Product name: Auto Shape Moulding Machine Type A
    • Product Number: Auto Shape Moulding Machine A
    • Added time: 2011-02-16
    • Views : 335


    1. This machine applies PLC and touch screen,advanced moulding technique and can produce various shapes of EPS products.
    2. This machine can provide different kinds of foam articles with lower moisture content, high foaming speed and lower consumption of energy.
    3. There are four kinds of operating mode (automatic,semi-automatic,pause-startup and manual operation)with safe-guard protective device to ensure safe operation.
    4. This machine has microcomputer control and touch screen display. It can function high efficiently under computer control and management with high automation.Simplicity of operation and easy to maintain,it can reduce the labor intensity.
    5. This machine applies advanced electrical and hydraulic integration system,which improves the moulding speed,lowers the energy consumption remarkably and reduces the environmental pollution.
    6. Mechanic de-mould mode.

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