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    • Product name: Auto Batch Multifunctional Pre-expander FDS1400,FDS1660
    • Product Number: FDS1400,FDS1660
    • Added time: 2011-03-06
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    1. This machine is used for secondary pre-expanded machine,it can expand particular low density foamed beads,it also can be used for first pre-expansion after technical reform.It is a multifunctional pre-expander machine.
    2. This machine applies PLC and touch screen,automatic feeding,electronic weighing,temperature control,material level control to realize automatic production.
    3. Electronic weighing system and material level control system assure the density of the foamed material, which make the bead uniform and keep the density tolerance within±2.8%.
    4. This machine applies automatic material charging system,electronic weighing system and PLC central control system,which realize automatic feeding and weighing,improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
    5. The closed constant pressure foaming barrel has high heating efficiency. It can save more than 50% energy compared to the continuous pre-expander.The foamed beads are uniform,and its aging time is shorter compared to other normal machine.
    6. This machine applies large volume fluidized bed dryer.it can automatically dry,filter, crush the ball material and transport the foamed material to aging silos.
    7. This machine applies automatic high pressure suction material charging system and automatic high pressure fan facility discharging system,which shorten the materials charging and discharging time,improve the production efficiency.
    8. Most of the main component are of world-famous brand,with reliable performance,stable quality,long service life and low maintenance cost.
    9. The computer has memory function, which can record all information such as brands, specifications, expanding foam techniques and parameters of EPS material manufacturers. When customers want to use the materials that ever been used before just press the touch screen of computer to quickly go back to the original technique.
    10. The electronic weighing system device is assembled on the top of the machine frame,the structure of the machine is compact,it occupies smaller space.
    11. This machine is applicable in plateau oxygen depletion area,the production efficiency of continuous pre-expander machine is quite low under such circumstance.

         Technical data


    ITEM FDS1400I-II FDS1660II
    Expansion Chamber Diameter DN1400 DN1660
    Volume?? 2.1m 3 4.8m3
    Usable Volume 1.5m 3 3.5m3
    Steam Entry??? DN50 DN50
    Consumption??? 8-10kg/cycle 11-14kg/cycle
    Pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa 0.4-0.8Mpa
    Compressed Air Entry??? DN25 DN25
    Consumption??? 0.5-0.8m 3 /cycle 0.7-1.0m 3 /cycle
    Pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa 0.4-0.8Mpa
    Drainage Upper Drain Port DN125 DN125
    Down Drain Port DN80 DN80
    Down Vent DN100 DN100
    Material Conveying Line DN150*2 DN150*2
    Capacity 4.5g/l? 250kg/h 4.5g/l? 350kg/h
    7g/l? 350kg/h ?
    9g/l 450kg/h 7g/l?? 450kg/h
    15g/l? 750kg/h ?
    30g/l? 1000kg/h 9g/l? 550kg/h
    Connected Load/Power 19.5KW 19.5KW
    Expanded Density 4.5-50kg/m 3 4.5-50kg/m 3
    Density Tolerance? <=2.8% <=2.8%
    Overall Mimension 6500*4500*4500(mm) 9000*3500*5500(mm)
    Weight 5500kg 5800kg
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